Service vehicle

Back-up for service, comfort and safety

Begleitfahrzeug Toyota Landcruiser

All support vehicles are specially modified Toyota Landcruiser, absolute suitable to cope with all terrain conditions, they are extremely reliable and comfortable. Equipped with complete tool sets and spare parts, first aid kit, mobile and satellite communication devices and drinks. The back-up vehicle also tows custom made trailers to carry spare motorbikes and all your luggage – waterproof and dust free.

Mobile workshop

Werkstatt auf vier Rädern

Motorcycle tours on rough and dusty terrain, the heat and gravel road conditions put a lot of strain on the motorcycles. To ensure optimal riding experience we always carry a very comprehensive spare part kit. The tour guide is a qualified mechanic joining the tour.

Daily maintenance for airfilters, chains, tire change and other repairs – we've got it coveredyou are on holidays! Overall servicing and general inspection takes place in our full equipped workshop at the lodge in Windhoek.

However should we need a helping hand, we'll let you know.