Namibia Classic - Motorbike tour

If you are seeking the “complete” Namibian experience, then this 14-day motorcycle tour is the right choice for you! It's the very first route Gravel Travel was starting with 30 years ago. We ­refined the tour over the years, it's providing a fantastic ­impression of Namibia. As it is even suitable for the less experienced endurist, this motorcycle tour became the most favorite one. It recently had been slightly modified in favour of more desert experience. 

In the first week we explore the southern parts of Namibia down to the Orange River (bordering river to South Africa). This includes the Kalahari and Namib deserts, the Fish River Canyon as well as the famous Sossusvlei with world highest dunes.

Upon arrival in Swakopmund you have reached the central Atlantic coastal region and from there on we explore the northwestern part of the country. You pass the impressive Brandberg massif and discover an enormously manifold nature scenery of the rugged and yet romantic Damaraland with its free roaming African wildlife. A luxurious stay on the private game reserve of Mount Etjo Safari Lodge completes a wonderful motorbike tour with a fantastic safari experience.   

Great places along the tour and the well selected accommodations in their unique settings serve many opportunities to relax and revive. A stay at the Windhoek Mountain Lodge before and after the tour will round off this comprehensive and extensive Namibian Adventure.

Tour profile:
riding days/17 travel days. Sliding gravel roads, winding mountain passes, effortless sandy passageways, basic Enduro-terrain, daily stages of between 250 and 350km. Please also notice our remarks on offroad driving abilities here

Namibia Classic - Tour track

Day stages

  1. 1. Day: Departure to Namibia
  2. 2. day: Auas Mountains / Windhoek Mountain Lodge
  3. Auas Mountains / Windhoek Mountain Lodge
  4. 4. day: Auas Mountains - Kalahari Desert
  5. 5. day: Kalahari Desert – Gariganus
  6. 6. day: Gariganus – Oranje River
  7. 7. day: Oranje River – Helmeringhausen
  8. 8. day: Helmeringhausen - Sossusvlei
  9. 9. day: Expedition to Sossusvlei – Rotstock Mountains
  10. 10. day: Rotstock Mountains - Swakopmund
  11. 11. day: Swakopmund
  12. 12. day: Swakopmund - Uis
  13. 13. day: Uis - Grootberg Lodge
  14. 14. day: Grootberg - Mount Etjo Wildreservat
  15. 15. day: Mount Etjo - Windhoek Mountain Lodge
  16. 16. day: Windhoek - Int. Airport (Hosea Kutako)
  17. 17. Day: Arrival / Return to Germany/EU