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Enduro holidays in Namibia - an idea became reality

No competition, everything without time pressure, riding enduro with all the freedom - as it is almost unknown in our european latitudes... In addition, a fascinating environment and impression that you will never forget. Impossible?

No! After several visits, many plans, even more ideas and conceptions, the first rough route plans followed. During the excursions in the country and many conversations with the locals, we researched, wrote down, changed, checked and drove off the most beautiful routes and accommodations for our first tour for five months on site in 1992.

Many kilometers came together at that time. Then there were two test tours with friends and acquaintances to test and improve the feasibility of the tours, the concept and the route information. Then the time had finally come: Gravel Travel has been offering motorcycle tours in Namibia and South Africa since 1993, and many individual tours have come together to this day. Right from the start, Gravel Travel has been cooperating closely with the travel operator of Action Team in Stuttgart/Germany.

Ralf Moeglich

Ralf Moeglich

Entrepreneur, qualified mechanic and Yamaha dealer Ralf Moeglich can look back onto an extensive history of international motorcycle experience in motorcross, enduro and as a rally-sport participant (Paris-Cape Town, the Pharao rally in Egypt and Transpana). Ralf directs the majority of tours and uses many of his own experiences in Namibia to share some interesting learnings.

Annette Tollkühn

is your contact person for Gravel Travel in Germany. She is responsible for all questions related to the bookings, flights, extensions and special requests regarding Gravel Travel. Her extensive knowledge was gained by her own participation in the majority of the tours.

Solveigh Thude

Solveigh has been with us since 2012. She takes care of our media graphics, but also of the tour accommodation and last but not least supporting Annette with customer service. It feels like she has already spent half her life in Namibia, has often traveled the country as well as South Africa up to Tanzania, and has accompanied almost all Gravel Travel tours. She is also happy to help you with questions about your booking   ...

Andi Maier

Andi Maier

Andi ... in memoriam of our most beloved tourguide: he was a fantastic expert in Kaokoland, northwestern Namibia – for almost 20 years he was part of our Gravel Travel family. For participants especially from Kaokoland Tour, Andi was their most familiar face and he always made all efforts to turn the travel into a deeply unforgettable journey and experience. He ran the outdoor camps on this route and conjured culinary delights to the table from open fire combined with his enthralling stories that remains in vivid memory. His experience and knowlegde was incredible worth to have and his love for nature and wildlife was deep passion. Andi rests inmidst one of his favourite places in Damaraland and he will remain tremendously missed and unforgotten by Gravel Travel and all guests that had the luck to travel with him.