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Experience Namibia and South Africa with Gravel Travel Motorbike Adventures

Gravel Travel offers individual motorbike tours in Namibia & South Africa for 30 years. Pure Enduro riding on remote gravel roads ... to be one with nature travelling through extreme land­scapes with great weather conditions, ­without time nor group pressure … but with freedom, much comfort, and a maximum of ­safety – as professional guides will join you with know-how and back up …

It were the legendary ­desert rallies that ­inspired him when participating these last kind of great adventures: to Ralf Moeglichfounder of Gravel Travel, it ­became the perfect way of travelling through amazing landscapes only carping the “time pressure of racing” … when he ­arrived in Cape Town in 1991 ­finishing the „Paris – Le Cap” rally, he immediately ­decided to ­organise ­special motorbiking tours in ­Southern ­Africa in style of a Rally – but ­without that time ­pressure. Ralf ­turned his passion to profession and ­established this succesful concept with ­Gravel Travel …

First orientation is provided by this map from Namibia & South Africa. All offered travel routes are roughly showed in different colours. More details on map will be found on each tour description.

Namibia Übersichtskarte

Our concept

Motorradtouren Namibia und Südafrika

Having fun riding individually and enjoying the plentiful impressions freely on dreamlike routes – that was always our aim. You ride with a well programmed GPS device (Garmin) and expe­rience the maximum of freedom by ­driving the daily stages at your own pace while a professional­­ ­guide follows with a service ­vehicle and your travel luggage, water, first aid kit as well as a satellite telephone and a diverse tool kit and spare parts.

However we have short briefings in the mornings and kick off togehter, but no participant is tied to the service vehicle nor to the speed of other riders. And if you shouldn’t feel like driving, there is even the option to load your bike and join a seat in the back-up vehicle.

Thus providing a maximum level of safety combining a highly comfortable travelling. And someone’s ­puncture doesn’t mean a stop to all others. Luxury and total ­relax­ation in wonderful lodgings are surprising ­pleasures and rewards. And the sociable evenings together turn this kind of motorbike adventure through this ­fascinating countries of Namibia and South Africa into an unique experience ...

Additionally there is a variety of activities that we take along: like game drives at the lodges, sundowner– & scenic drives on the farms, quad biking in the dunes or visiting historical & cultural places of interest that all turns your motorcycling tour into a very impressive expe­rience.