Individual driving with GPS navigation technology

Garmin GPS

The principle of free individual driving and minimising the risk same time is our aim. Also the risk of getting lost: a very good roadmap is always on board as to give a broad overview and orientation about where you are. But the GPS always reassures the correctness of your track. Thus you may drive your stages independently with own pace and without sticking to a convoy. This piece of individuality provides you with a personal taste of impressions and moments along the route.

Meanwhile we have well developed routable maps for Southern Africa and they work perfectly and reliably together with Garmin GPS devices. They are easy to use for you and all vehicles are equipped with a Garmin 78 device which are exactly programmed for the tour and its daily stages. They work with highest precision on even the smallest inconspicuous tracks in the Kaokoland – so there is almost no chance to get lost anymore …

Another great safety aspect to the travelers is to keep in touch by far reaching VHS radio communication. In those remote areas where almost no cell phone works anymore you still may share informations about what and where to see and to get help from each other. Every vehicle is equipped with such a radio transceiver.