Cape Town – Windhoek - Motorbike tour


The "Cape Town - Windhoek Tour" – the reversal version of our famous "Windhoek - Cape Town Tour" – but still stunningly different! Due to its inverted perspective not at all the same: from colourful and maritime South Africa into the vast deserts with lonesome landscapes and African bushveld feeling in Namibia

Anyhow – 12 amazing riding days across almost 3000 km will leave a lasting impression on you - it will seem as if you have literally travelled across the world.... After arrival in the vibrating city of Cape Town with time to acclimatise, the tour starts along famous Chapman’s Peak to Cape of Good Hope and the marvellous coastal bays up to Hermanus and Cape Agulhas where Indian and Atlantic Ocean merge. Through the various valleys of lovely wide cultural landscapes, winelands and the fruit plantations of the Western Cape region, our roads lead through the wonderful Cedar Mountains in the further north. From there heading towards Atlantic Ocean and Namaqualand in the heart of Northern Cape region. Passing the Richtersveld up to Namibian border at the Orange River where landscapes changes dramatically into much dryer vast plains at diamond’s „Sperrgebiet“ and Aus until reaching tiny harbour town of Luderitz. Then we come along the sandy soils of Namib Desert from south to north along the legendary highest dunes of Sossusvlei and finally climb Spreetshoogte pass at Great Escarpment leading to  Khomas Hochland around Windhoek. Final destination is our Gravel Travel home base – the  Windhoek Mountain Lodge. "Cape Town to Windhoek" or vice versa – a tour full of diversity and contrasts ... colourful and maritime life, coastal roads and green countrysides, fabulous accommodation and culinary delights, lonesome gravel and farm roads, mountain passes and desert impressions across two countries.

Tour profile: 12 riding days/15 travel days. Gravel roads, fairly remote, smaller farm tracks and paved mountain passes. Daily stages of between 250 and 350km. Total distance approx. 3000 km. Please mind our information concerning riding skills here.

Cape Town – Windhoek - Tour track

Day stages

  1. 1. Tag: Abflug Deutschland nach Südafrika (overnight)
  2. Day 2: Cape Town
  3. Day 3: Discovering the Cape peninsula
  4. Day 4: Cape Town – Hermanus
  5. Day 5: Hermanus – Stellenbosch
  6. Day 6: Stellenbosch – Clanwilliam
  7. Day 7: Clanwilliam – Strandfontein
  8. Day 8: Strandfontein – Namaqualand
  9. Day 9: Namaqualand – Orange River
  10. Day 10: Orange River – Luderitz
  11. Day 11: Luderitz – Helmeringhausen
  12. Day 12: Helmeringhausen – Namib Desert
  13. Day 13: Namib Desert – Auas Mountains
  14. 14. Tag: Windhoek und Abflug aus Namibia
  15. 15. Tag: Ankunft/Rückkehr Deutschland