Navigation with GPS

rider's freedom – thanks to GPS

Right from the start of Gravel Travel it was most important to us to provide a maximum of freedom to every rider, but likewise to minimize the risk of getting lost at the same time. Additionally to road maps that had given to our guests in the past, every motorbike was equipped with a navigation system called roadbook, which was specially prepared for every single tour. Roadbooks were a standard tool on great desert rallies like Dakar. For the drivers it was always exciting to use, but unfortunately very complex for us to maintain and prepare. Especially short-termed route updating and correction was not always possible.

Meanwhile Tracks4Africa provides excellent vector maps available for Southern Africa to ensure perfect routing enabled GPS maps. In addition the GPS devices from Garmin are absolutely reliable and very easy to use for everyone. Thus we changed our navigation system completely to GPS. All our motorcycles are equipped with a Garmin 60 CSX or 78 which is programmed with the exact tracks of the actual tour and every single day route can be chosen easily. We used both roadbook and GPS in a interim period, but nowadays rely on GPS only. Even on smallest track paths in the remote Kaokoland there is almost no chance to get lost any more ...