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Our Enduro fleet

Right from the start we put our trust in the reliable technology of Yamaha single cylinder enduros. Since we keep our fleet up to date we can offer the latest Yamaha enduro models.

We use the XT 660R and the XTZ 660 Ténéré on most of our tours that mainly run on gravel roads (e.g. Classic, Special, Windhoek-Cape Town, Good Hope tours). They had been modified just slightly to meet the specific requirements of Namibian terrain: stronger suspension, spoke and rim reinforcements as well as special air filters – and we never had a single technical failure that wasn’t to be fixed on site.

Due to their even-tempered and yet powerful engine character, the water-cooled single cylinders are incredibly easy to ride. The fuel injection system also makes their fuel ­consumption extremely econo­mical. The XT 660’s fuel consumption is roughly 4 ltrs per 100 km. Most of our required accessories such as crashbars, engine covers, baggage carriers, GPS holders, etc. are manu­factured for us by Touratech.

Specifically for the offroad tours through Damaraland and Kaokoland we now use the new Yamaha WR 250 R that is performing greatly in the rough terrain and deep sands thus much easier to handle than the XT.

Yamaha XT660 R

Yamaha XT660

The Yamaha XT660 R is our most popular model. To meet the very unique characteristics of the african terrain, modifications were performed to the basic model such as; stronger suspensions, spoke and rim reinforcement as well as special air filters. These Gravel Travel customized modifications are performed by german company Motorrad-Technik Melzingen, using exclusively Touratech parts.

The XT 660 should be the first choice for the typical enduro rider due to its good nature and predictable riding characteristics. We also offer lower seat on this model.

Yamaha WR 250R

Yamaha WR 250R

Since two seasons the Yamaha WR 250 R is our new fleet companion. Directly descended from motocross competition models it's truly perfect for our challenging offroad tours in Kaokoland und Damaraland. Due to lighter weight it's much easier to ride, the special suspension for rough terrain and the very agile engine makes the riding a fascinating great experience. Except a larger fuel tank nothing else was modified …

Worth knowing about our fleet

Lower seated motor bikes: we offer lower seats. The seat could be lowered down to 83 cm. Should you require lower seat please let us know well in advance.

Pillion rider/co-passengers: most tours generally allow to take a companion along as pillion rider but it should be considered that gravel roads are much easier and more relaxing to ride in standing position. Thus riding with pillion rider can get very exhausting and uncomfortable. We offer limited seats in our following service vehicle. Your companion could travel in the car and join stages or part of roads on the motorbike. Please book this option explicitely.

Renting of motorbikes from Gravel Travel: our motorbikes are strictly used for our guided tours only. Unfortunately and from a safety aspect we won’t rent out motorbikes for own travels. Even a puncture or cracked chain can lead to much bigger problems in the middle of nowhere.